Many different gods are worshiped throughout the world, but none are more worshiped than in Southern Sanoren.

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War

Lawful-Good Gods

Ufther the God of Chivalry and Valor
– Domains: Knowledge, Life, War
– Symbol: Lightning Bolt
– Race: Male Human

Bodohra the Goddess of Light and Law
– Domains: Knowledge, Life, Light
– Symbol: Silver Sun
– Race: Female Human

Oblo the God of Peace and Reason
– Domains: Knowledge, Life
– Symbol – White heart
– Race: Male Halfling

Landola the Goddess of Fertility and Protection
– Domains: Life, Nature, War
– Symbol: Green Shield
– Race: Female Elf

Goxdarr the God of Earth and Creation
– Domains: Life, Nature, War
– Symbol: Hammer and Anvil
– Race: Male Dwarf

Karlla the Goddess of Trickery and Wiles
– Domains: Knowledge, Trickery
– Symbol: Gold Nugget
– Race: Female Gnome

Bizhomadu the God of Good Dragons
– Domains: Life, Tempest, War
– Symbol: Dragon Head
– Race: Male Dragonborn

Urra the Goddess of Hills and Mountains
– Domains: Life, Nature, War
– Symbol: Mountain
– Race: Female Dwarf


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